Ghana in the next 15 years

Looking at our history, empirical evidence from the social sciences and global trends we can imagine what Ghana would look like after 15 years.

The Independence Arch in Accra, Ghana. Freedom and Justice
The Independence Arch in Accra, Ghana. Freedom and Justice

We can approach this issue from several perspectives. I am sure that this topic can not be exhausted in such a short article.

In the 1960s Nkrumah said Ghana and Africa needed only 30 years to become developed. He sparred with other African leaders on the best development model. Little did he know that he was going to be overthrown and his program derailed on February 24, 1966.

Fifteen years ago, in the year 2003, John Kufuor was in power and Akufo-Addo was a minister. John Atta Mills and John Dramani Mahama hadn’t presided over Ghana. Ghana hadn’t discovered crude oil.


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A town in the countryside in Ghana
A typical town outside Accra in Ghana



  • Ghana with free basic and secondary education
  • Ghana with more schools and more health centers as the old ones grapple with maintenance
  • More kilometers of tarred roads.
  • A larger national capital with new edifices which would include a national cathedral, a national mosque and a new building for legislative work (that is a new parliament house.)
  • A bigger Accra stretching into the Eastern and Central Regions grappling with poorly planned flood control as well as waste disposal systems.
  • A little improvement in representative democracy. There would be more effective MPs who care about the problems of their constituents.
  • Presidents would take parliament more seriously.
  • Improvement in the infrastructure of all regional capitals
  • Wider gap between Accra and the other regions in almost all facets.
  • Many villages and towns will be marginalized
  • A projected population of about 37 million people
  • Ghana with a waning global diplomatic power
  • An economy a little more integrated with the economies of other African countries.
  • The gap between the income levels of the most advanced countries and Ghana will have grown. The percentage of Ghanaians seeking greener pastures won’t be any different.
  • More remittances from Ghanaians living abroad
  • ECG and some state owned banks will have been sold to foreign multinationals.
  • Ghanaians will be asked to pay more for electricity. Many villagers won’t be able to pay. Many in the urban areas will have frequent power shortages.
  • Ghana will have had some foreign direct investment but totally inadequate to transform the country
  • Ghana will have  had more Ghanaian doctors and nurses although a greater number will have left. The increase in the number of doctors would be due to more medical schools.
  • We can always predict the future by determining the beneficiaries of each possible outcome. The strongholds of the two leading political parties will have had more infrastructure as they will choose the outcome which suits them best. Kumasi will have a modern international airport. Central region will have had a third university. Volta region will have had more investments in infrastructure.
  • The gap between northern and southern Ghana in terms of education and infrastructural development will be smaller.
  • In the regions, Akuapem North district would not be quite as developed as Accra but would lead many districts.
  • The braggarts, burgers and returnees in Ghana would walk around with their drones taking selfies with these drones.
  • In 15 years time Ghana will have  had at least 3 new regions.
  • Used self-driving or autonomous cars in the country would be operating along the principal streets of Accra.
  • Increased crude oil production
A man taking (selfies) photographs with a drone camera
A man taking (selfies) photographs with a drone camera. In the most likely outcome a few Ghanaians should be will be using drone cameras in 15 years.
A self driving (driverless) car on the road.
A self driving (driverless) car on the road.

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Akyem-New Tafo in the Eastern Region of Ghana residents living in America are hoping for a better outcome than the most likely outcome discussed abroad. What about you?



  • Nkrumah said Ghana needed only 30 years to become developed. Although the program was derailed successive governments have struggled to run the country. 15 years is half of 30. In 15 years Ghana will be at the high end of the middle income countries list with an emerging economy.
  • Ghana will have an advanced human resource base comparable to the most advanced countries on earth.
  • Ghana will have many ultra-modern large mechanized farms in all the regions of the country making Ghana self-sufficient in food production.
  • Ghana would be a highly industrialized country employing robots in production.
  • Ghana would be at the forefront of scientific research
  • Ghana would be pulling the rest of Africa up the social ladder through the African Union.
  • Illiteracy will have been eradicated
  • Ghana will have a highly efficient and highly decentralized government employing the most intelligent tools to collaborate with constituents and stakeholders across the length and breadth of the country.
  • The population of Ghanaians living outside Ghana would reduce drastically as many will have returned to live in Ghana.
  • Ghanaians uninterested in living abroad would leave the consular sections of the American embassy and British high commission empty on most days.
  • The regions would be better governed.
  • Representative democracy will have reached optimal levels. The electioneering process will be done through technologically advanced devices and MPs would represent the views of their constituents.
  • Bolstered by research findings, an improved human resource base and zero corruption the return on investment of government spending would be at an all time high.
  • Ghanaians would take several things for granted because of a burgeoning economy and unprecedented increases in government revenue and living standards.
  • After 15 years all indicators will point to a Ghana comparable to the most advanced countries on earth in the following few years.
  • There would be only a little difference between Ghanaian towns and cities and cities like Manhattan USA, Oslo Norway, Brisbane Australia, Toronto Canada, Frankfurt Germany, Moscow Russia, San Francisco USA, Guangzhou China and London United Kingdom.
Downtown Brisbane, Australia
Downtown Brisbane, Australia


  • Ghana will have had 12 years of internal civil wars or Ghana would be a world war III theater of action.
  • Displaced Ghanaians would be in refugee camps in Nigeria, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo and Benin as warring factions battle for control over the country
  • Malnutrition, hunger and disease would prevail in many areas
  • The infrastructure would be in disrepair
  • Ghana would be lagging behind all African countries
  • Landmines and bombs would lead to Ghanaians with severed limbs struggling to walk about.
  • Vagrants would be occupying the ministries
  • Ethnic genocide would leave many mass graves around the country.


Credit: The Mask and Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

The Mask
The Mask
Yaw Boakye-Yiadom
Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

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